Termed as carrier vans, bunded fuel tanks transport fuel from one place to another. Take proper care and precautions in order to meet safety standards. First of all, one needs to consider numerous aspects such as leakages leading to fire accidents etc.


These accidents in the form of leakages won’t happen if you have a good tank consisting of proper steel. Who knows such circumstances could lead to massive losses especially for those who have stored oil for personal and commercial purposes.

A diesel pump, on the other hand, is referred as an injection pump to fuel a diesel engine. This form of pump is powered by the engine that uses a connection directly to the engines crankshaft. It will be timed to inject the diesel into the engine at the correct time in the pistons stroke.

Before purchasing bunded fuel tanks, one should notice whether their bunds are full and not partial. These steel ones need proper bunding as they are prone to getting perforated. Keep flammable items at a distance if you have propane gas tanks and fuel tanks around. Drain the fuel tank before storing anything.

Use self bunded fuel tanks as storage facilities if your business involves large fuel or petrochemical liquid stocks. These types of tanks have double steel walls which allow the safe fuel storage and other liquids unlike those found in fuel tanks.

For instance, self bunded fuel tanks are containers used to store fuel and other liquids. They are suitable for storing petroleum products. Whereas retractable hose reel is designed particularly for air hoses and water hoses. This reel is used anywhere and can be mounted on walls, floors etc.


Safety norms essential for authorities of bunded fuel tanks
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