Waterjet cutters are a boon to any cutting facility, from fabrication shops to computer numerical machining complexes. If you have one yourself, you know that it offers a plethora of advantages that is integral to the success of your operation. And you know that keeping it that way is crucial. Thankfully, you can easily do so with proper maintenance.

Not all maintenance plans, however, are created equal; some have a higher chance of success by virtue of their inclusions. If you want to make sure that yours will prove to be beneficial, remember to always consider these factors.

Cleanliness of the Working Area

It may seem counter-intuitive to implement maintenance procedures in a dirty workplace, but you will be surprised to know that there are facilities that do this. Swapping out certain components for new ones, for instance, is done by some shops without first clearing the workspace and ensuring that the area is clean enough for modifications.

Do not make this mistake. Always temporarily halt operations, and clean your workplace free of anything that may get dislodged in the components and  prematurely break them in before they even log their first hour of operation.


Frequency of Inspections

A waterjet cutter and their components have to be inspected regularly to make sure that they are working like they should. For some components, these inspections may happen more frequently. Nozzle components, in particular, may have to be checked daily; pump parts, on the other hand, can do with inspections once or twice a month.

Why are they integral to the overall efficacy of your maintenance plan? First, maintenance should be able to chart when spare parts will be necessary, so that your facility can accordingly prepare. Additionally, knowing the condition of your equipment and its components will better equip you for making production-related decisions.


Automation of Certain Functions

Techni Waterjet Cutter machines

If your facility has the budget for it, investing in automation software can greatly help towards streamlining your maintenance practices and ensuring that everything you need to know can be accessed, tracked, and logged more easily. For instance, there are programs that automatically check for how many hours a certain component has been in operation to give you due notice on when you can expect to replace it.

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Factors That Affect the Success of Waterjet Cutter Maintenance Plans