If you are intending to install a swimming pool in your home or business complex in Australia, congratulations! There is nothing like a pool in making the most out of the weather conditions in the country, while ensuring a boundless source of fun and entertainment for your family or guests. To ensure a smart investment, just make sure that you choose the components accordingly. Your choice of pool tiles in Australia, in particular, is important not only in getting your money’s worth but also meeting industry standards.

What are some of the most important aspects you need to think about, where pool tiles are concerned? Consider the following.


Slip Resistance Requirements

Swimming pool tiles for areas that routinely get wet and may thus pose safety risks should be chosen according to slip resistance prescriptions. Generally speaking, tiles must meet the standards established in the National Construction Code of Australia, as well as state-specific occupational health and safety regulations.


State Requirements

Speaking of state-based regulations, it is worth noting that standards may vary from state to state. In other words, what may be specifically required in Sydney may not be what is necessitated by Melbourne. When choosing your pool tiles, pool components, and even pool accessories, make sure to get the right information. Some of the most helpful agencies or organisations you can contact for that are your office of the local government, your state’s building authority, and not-for-profit regulatory associations.


Installation, Repair, and Other Work Requirements

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First off, remember that it is better to have a certified swimming pool installer or professional instead of doing the work yourself. Installing your chosen pool tiles in Australia is subject to the procurement of a building permit, and this may not be granted if the installation does not meet certain requirements. For instance, a safety barrier must be installed alongside the pool if your home or commercial establishment fit the specified instances for the need for a safety barrier.

Additionally, any installation, repair, or replacement work that is carried out must adhere to set rules. In Queensland, for example, installing pool tiles on wet areas that display reverse water staining will be considered a defect.

At Ceramic Solutions, we make sure that your residential or commercial pool is installed and maintained according to the law. If you want to get in touch with us to talk about your project, visit us on www.ceramicsolutionspools.com.au.

Choosing Pool Tiles in Australia: Important Things to Know
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