Drip trays have a very straightforward purpose in commercial or industrial facilities, and that is to catch potential and minor spills or leaks, bund small containers, or act as a storage pan. Even so, any operation that requires them must make sure that they are chosen according to the right set of reasons – and the right set of requirements – to make full use of what they offer. After all, this small accessory may spell the difference between occupational safety in your workplace and a truly costly disaster.

Drip Trays

If you need some pointers where that is concerned, mind these tips.


Choose the right size

There are small, medium, and large drip trays that you can choose from, and the right size depends on the kind of spill that you anticipate, or the size of the containers that you intend to be stored on the tray. If it is possible, it is best to be able to see the drip trays in person before deciding to purchase them; if not, make sure that you are properly apprised of their dimensions before sending in your order.


Choose the right material

In addition to sizing, it is also important to make sure that your drip trays are made from durable materials that are suited for their purpose. Absorbent filters and strong material composition are integral to getting the results that you expect from your drip trays. Always ask your supplier about why their offered trays are best for what you need, and how their material engineering is designed to achieve your operational goals.


Choose the right supplier

Finally, make sure that you source your products from a company that you can trust, such as Global Spill Control. Reputable suppliers of spillage accessories are not only going to help you make the most out of your purchase, they will also play a role in ensuring the safety of your applications, your team, and your workplace.


Other Pointers

If you’re intending to use the drip trays as part of a suite of accessories that are aimed at ensuring safety in your workplace, it is best to source them from the same supplier. In this way, you can be sure of comprehensive product support for all of your accessories.

If you are not sure about which drip trays are suited to your specific applications, ask for personalised guidance from your supplier. They should be able to walk you through the different options that you have and help you streamline them.

Choosing Drip Trays: What to Know
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