3D printing in Perth has been very instrumental in the lives of many people, especially for architects. When printing an architectural model, it’s possible to combine the tangibility of a physical object and virtual 3D modeling. In the past, architects create scale models usually out of foam or wood. But today, they are starting to embrace the many benefits that 3D printing has to offer in terms of creating the newest designs. Below are some reasons why architects choose to join the revolution of 3D printing.


Clients can easily visualize their architectural designs a lot better

An object that has been 3D makes the design more tangible. Therefore, a detailed and well-scaled model of the project will be a valuable way of communicating the design idea to others, especially to the clients. A three-dimensional architectural model eliminates the guesswork and the theoretical nature sketches and technical drawings. This is perfect when pitching an idea that will really stand out from others.


Reduces the time to be spent on creating an architectural model

With the help of a 3D printer, it’s possible to make the design come to life while sparing yourself from long hours of work to make a scale model. As soon as an order has been placed for, it is still possible to keep on working on the other important tasks. The printer will just keep on doing its job. This becomes more useful if the design is complicated.

Another way to save time with this technology is the fact that it’s possible to print an existing 3D model in programs like SketchUp. There will be no need for you to create the file from scratch. Since time is money, being able to save time will mean saving on expenses.


Models are being printed in the best quality and is available in different materials

Gone are the days in Perth where people have to bear with rough and pixelated prints. With 3D printing, one can print an architectural model with the best level of quality, details, and smooth surfaces. In addition, you one can choose from a very wide range of materials available.


Easily re-use, re-edit, and re-paint 3D models

The technology allows flexibility with the models. If your client wants you to change something, you just have to edit the file, share with others, and reprint it. In case you want a second model, just print it again. This is what 3D printing and modeling can do- it lets you take control.

3D printing has indeed revolutionized the way how we create and produce things. With this technology, we can get the best quality, save time, and be more efficient at what we do. It has definitely made our lives so much easier and more fun than it used to be.

Benefits of 3D Printing Perth for Architects
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